About AquaSoft SnapTip

Who We Are

AquaSoft was founded in 1999 and is a pioneer in photo presentation software. We develop high quality consumer applications for Microsoft Windows that help users to show their photos, videos and music, in various ways. Our products cover a wide range of use, from creating slide shows, calendars (both paper and screen), photo books to web photo albums. We also offer (mostly free) tools and gadgets such as for photo databases, photo browsing, screensavers and desktop calendars.

Our Goal

Software should be easy to use. This, however, shouldn't limit creativity. We want our customers to experience that “Wow” effect when they start using our products. Digging deeper reveals even more nifty features to produce incredible results. We don't just deliver templates. Instead, we ship our products with entire template editors! Don't like a predefined transition or image effect? Just give it your own touch and re-use it for your projects. All in a very user-friendly interface and with great customer service.


If you have questions please visit our support pages or contact us.