Tour - See SnapTip in action

Capture screenshots

The SnapTip App is very easy to use. To capture a screenshot either click button 1 or click the dotted area 2 . When you got comfortable with the app you'll appreciate the PrtScr keyboard shortcut for that.

But SnapTip is not limited to screenshots, you can add any photos or images you like.

Publish and share

Publishing and sharing your snaptip is as easy as clicking a button. 1 Uploads it to the web, so it gets an easily shareable Internet address (URL). With 2 you can choose wether your snaptip should be private (only those who know the URL can see it) or published on for everyone to see. 3 gives you sharing possibilities for various social networks.

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Screenshots made easy

We put many thoughts into the screenshot tool. It not only recognizes windows to make them selectable with a single click it also provides a zoom lens 1 to make it easy to exactly match the borders of the region of interest. You can tweak the area until you are satisfied.

Combine many images

A story can't be told in a single image. So SnapTip lets you combine many of them. Just add other screenshots or photos. You can move them around freely. The result is a beautifully designed document with all images and their descriptions.

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There are a bunch of annotation tools. Add numbering ( 1 , 2 , 3 ), highlight with arrows, rectangles or circles. Blur sensitive information or zoom into interesting areas. Or just annotate with text.

Change cropping and recapture


SnapTip works non-destructive, so even if you crop half your image it's still there. Just click 1 and you can reselect which area to show. And the best thing is: All your annotation stay in place, so you don't have to move them around after cropping.


You know it: Every screenshot needs to be captured twice. In the first attempt there is always something wrong: Cursor misplaced, wrong selection, window size inappropriate, you name it.

SnapTip knows about the window position of your previous capture. So it's easy to exchange your screenshots. Click 2 and SnapTip selects the last captured region. Just press Enter to recapture your screenshot. It's like cropping: your annotations stay where they were. It's never been easier to correct a screenshot.

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Intelligent text

The resulting snaptip combines images with text. The text can be formatted and has some special features. Just type #1 or #2 to reference a numbering annotation or write [Keyboard-Shortcut] to make a keyboard shortcut stand out as shown in the image.

Superior image quality

Thanks to SnapTip's non-destructive way of image editing, you never loose a detail. Images are rendered in exact the dimensions needed. Because the source images are stored in their original format we won't introduce compression artifacts.

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